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    DidJaws – Home Made Techno EP

    DidJaws is a French lo-fi IDM producer who works with his compositions in an absolutely stripped-down manner, without the overproduction and cute tricks that some IDM-related artists rely on.  This feels raw, and the ideas coming out of these songs feel fresh.  Not a bad release at all, and it makes me wonder what work he could do with full production capability.  Let’s see how his work develops.

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    CAN – The Singles

    It looks like Mute Records are beginning to put more effort into their Bandcamp page, adding a lot of classic albums from their catalogue including licensed material from CAN, the legendary Krautrock band whose members all went on to do wonderful projects on their own. Though most readers here will have a favorite album they would rather feature (mine is Monster Movie), I’m posting this concentrating on my Chinese friends today so that they can sample what CAN were all about. The Singles is a decent introduction to their material.

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    Venus Berry – Shibari

    This is perhaps the coldest of cold wave releases I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.  Venus Berry is the nom de plume of Anouk Allard, who is not only a musician but has a background in visual art.  Her style covers not only the aforementioned cold wave which the French seemed to dominate during the 1980s, but also aspects of modern synthwave, electro and a weird sort of avant-pop that reminded me of Isabelle Antena. She is joined on this album by Antoine Sapparrart on bass and Jules Méli on guitar.  Quite an enjoyable album.

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    Steve Buscemi & Elliott Sharp – Rub Out The Word

    Few inside of the world of avant-garde music will not have heard of composer and multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp.  He has one of the most impressive bodies of work in experimental music.  This release is a very pleasant surprise for me, though, because, despite the wonders of Sharp’s music on its own merits, having actor and experimental theater veteran Steve Buscemi reading William S. Burroughs’ works just adds to the fun. From their Bandcamp site: Actor Steve Buscemi and composer/multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp collaborate on a new CD based on texts by William S. Burroughs. Two significant figures in the formation of…

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    Emil – Само сам знам / Only Alone I Know

    Emil Biljarski has had a storied career, first as keyboardist of the seminal Hungarian psychedelic rock band Korai Öröm, and who continued the psychedelic, world music and even post-punk stylings in bands such as Fókatelep and Meszecsinka.  His pedigree is impeccable. He graces our blog with a new album which is a projection of music best described as a mish-mash of well-crafted pop songs, interludes which would be reminiscent of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Bowie-esque prog-pop, ethnic music from Southeast Europe, and on occasion, the bass playing on this track reminds me of a mid-period Killing Joke.  Well crafted, well…

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    Selen Gülün – TRE

    I’ve been looking forward to hearing Selen Gülün’s latest release, and to say I’m not disappointed would be an understatement.  I had spent the day listening to John Cage after lunching with my priest, and then this record came on.  The first track, Ah, Tu Dici!, blended into Cage’s Three Easy Pieces as naturally as could be, though Selen’s track is both better recorded and slightly darker, which makes it that much more favorable to my ears. The second track, Cicli E Punti, lets saxophonist Dario Fariello and cellist Stellan Veloce run wild. I’d expect this sort of improvisation on…

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    Curve – Blindfold EP – Bootleg EP Series 1 & Chinese Burn – Bootleg Series Vol 2

    There’s not a lot more to say about the legendary Curve that I could add to, save for most of the 1990s, they were among the best shoegaze bands, and it could be said that maybe only My Bloody Valentine were more highly esteemed, yet the members never seemed to stop working.  Dean Garcia maintained a great career as a session musician and even playing in a band with his daughter called SPC ECO (Space Echo), while lead singer Toni Halliday started two other projects called Scylla and Chatelaine, as well as appearing on a track with the American band…

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    Subact – Life EP

    Subact are based out of Dresden, Germany, and are friends of myself and my former blog, A Miscellany Of Tasteful Music.  They produce a very hyperactive electronic music sound, and the energy given out is dance-floor-friendly.  As well as dubstep, one can hear ragga, jungle, and if you can believe it, Krautrock.  Yes!  They have managed to be one of the few bands who have legitimately modernized the genre, rather than serve as retro band copying the masters (which I have no problem with, to be honest).  It’s good that the lads have managed to keep evolving as any good…

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    subduxtion – Deep Space

    Philippe Gerber comes back to us with a new project called subduxtion which flows in a very different direction from other works on his label. subduxtion is the monicker of Christopher Gilmore, a composer I’m very new to.  This tends to go more into tech-house and minimal dub, and the beats are pretty vicious.  An impressive one-off.

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    Orphan Sound System – Layered Seed Water

    My (Western) Easter listening happens to be an avant-garde recording put together in the mid-nineties in Italy and just now being released.  Imagine works being recorded nearly a quarter-century ago still sounding fresh and relevant.  This is the sound of Orphan Sound System.  The project features the talents of Jeff Gburek, John El Manahi and John Palumbo.  I find it difficult to compare it to an artist of that particular time period, though perhaps I can hear a corollary with groups like AMM, the scores of incredibly talented cassette culture artists who worked with lo-fi conditions to make incredible art,…