Mansur – Minotavrvs

Bassist Jason Köhnen has a deep pedigree in the world of darkjazz.  He was a member of the profoundly interesting Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble out of The Netherlands, and he’s now participating in a new project with Dimitry El-Demerdashi (ex-Phurpa) and Martina Horváth on vocals.

As noted on Mansur’s Bandcamp site:

“‘Minotavrvs’ is Mansur’s first live improv recording. An ambient journey. A musical homage to the mythos of the Minotaur. The minotaur as a mirror of self reflection;  the fear of confronting one’s inner monster. ‘Minotavrvs’ is a sonic voyage through subterranean ruins and labyrinths, evoking spirits from past echoes of Minoan and Phoenician civilisations.”

Heavy listening, bleak, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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