Tag: Dark Ambient

  • Lappländer & Ancylus – Veden Varaan

    Lappländer & Ancylus are a project hailing from Finland.  According to their bio, both Janne Lappalainen (Lappländer) and Visa Uotila (Ancylus) have over two decades of history working in electronic music. This is quite a powerful listen.  It reminds me of mid-period Tangerine Dream under the cavernous influence of Steve Roach, though with far shorter […]

  • Bolduchin – Shellac

    Bolduchin – Shellac

    It’s impressive to hear when those who work outside of music under normal circumstances bring their talents into music, especially of a dark ambient variety.  Giacomo Triglia, who works under the name Bolduchin, provides a bleak, yet very lively soundtracks to the horrible dreams we all have now and then.  Actually, this would make a […]

  • Cernichov – The Mold Legacy

    Today’s choice, Cernichov, bear cover art on their album, The Mold Legacy, which would fool one into thinking that this was some sort of black-metal release.  Far from it.  It’s actually a very well-balance pairing of noise and ambient music.  It’s as if a post-punk band were working with the noise and ambient aesthetic, so […]

  • Various Artists – Silber Records: Droneuary 2021

    Silber Records has released their wonderful Droneuary series to begin 2019 and 2020, and they are continuing the tradition in 2021.  Though it is still early in the year, wait until mid-February to see this series completed. If you enjoy drone, dark ambient and experimental music, this comp will keep you busy for a while.  […]

  • Nihil Impvlse – Stasis

    Though I am not sure exactly where Nihil Impvlse hail from in Italy, I can rest assured that Raffaele Pezzella of Eighth Tower Records and his own project Sonologyst will ensure the quality of such music. Nihil Impvlse are quite a pleasant surprise for noise or drone music. This sounds more sculpted, more relaxed and […]