Igor Vasilev Novogradska – Sisterhood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Igor Vasilev, working under the nom de plume Novogradska, has produced music in various genres, including darkwave (with Alexander Veljanov of Deine Lakaien), Mizar and his own solo work in electronic music.  He has also become a sought-after soundtrack composer.  This particular work, for the Dina Duma-directed Sisterhood, has an air of tension that would make it music appropriate for a David Lynch soundtrack.  There is an ominous foreboding in each track, which, to my ears, seems to be affected by everything from Hans Zimmer to easy listening music with a noir underpinning.  The highest compliment I can give this album is that it stands alone beautifully, even without the accompaniment of the film.  It’s not saccharine, not synthetic sounding.  The orchestration is tight, dark, and in many places, lush.  Well done, indeed.

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