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  • [Press Release] Robert Fripp “Exposures” 32-Disc Box Set To Be Released May 27, 2022

    I normally don’t post press releases (that may change soon), but this is a monumental event for me.  Our friends at Glass Onyon PR explain further: 25 CDs, 3 DVDs (audio only), 4 Blu-Ray discs (audio only) Packaged in a 12” boxed set with 48-page booklet including extensive notes by Sid Smith and Al Okada […]

  • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – The Bayan Mongol Variety Group

    From Discogs.com and Light In The Attic Records: The Bayan Mongol Variety Group existed from the early ’70s to the late ’80s. After the collapse of the USSR, the ensemble began to experience serious difficulties with funding and booking concerts, and finally disintegrated, after which the participants lost contact with each other. Fortunately, thanks to efforts […]

  • Various Artists – Canary Records: Let’s Add Raki to Wine: Women in Istanbul ca. 1931​-​46

    Canary Records are the kings of shellac-era reissues, and this is one of their most fabulous.  It’s a collection of female singers who were active in Turkey’s cultural capital, and Ian Nagoski, musicologist and venerable head of the company, has made these recordings sound as clear as possible, despite being around 90 years old.  Yet […]

  • Bandcamp Friday

    Bandcamp Friday

    It has been a while since Bandcamp has offered one of its (formerly) monthly Bandcamp Fridays.  It’s quite a trying time for those who rely solely on music, so today may be a good time to support your favorite artist or try purchasing a new album who has piqued your interest. Read more about Bandcamp […]

  • Yukihiro Takahashi – Saravah!

    This album works on so many levels.  There is a blend of Italian romance, easy listening, French chanson, sophisticated City Pop, bossa nova, a touch of schmaltz, and electro-pop all rolled into one fine album. Drummer Yukihiro Takahashi had just helped form the Yellow Magic Orchestra after leaving The Sadistic Mika Band at about the […]