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    Pray For Your Prey – Pray For Your Prey

    At least as I understand it, there is a magnificent label out of Greece, Defkaz,  releasing some really fine free jazz and world music.  This particular album features one name whose work I’m very familiar with – the Hungarian drummer Balázs Pándi, who is magnificent.  After hearing him work with the trio of Giovanni di Domenico (fender rhodes), Gonçalo Almeida (bass) and Giotis Damianidis (guitar), you have the makings of a young European supergroup.  Free, cinematic, and a joy to hear. Check out their website, and if you’re interested in hearing these gems, contact koufaelas [at] defkaz.com.  He’ll get those…

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    [Article] New CD-Vinyl Hybrid Format For Audio Unveiled

    Happy Mother’s Day to the readers of MYNTH! As there are no reviews scheduled today, we instead link to a rather interesting article over at The Quietus, where legendary bluesman T-Bone Burnett has launched a company showing off a new hard media format he calls Iconic Originals, a format which blends the best parts of CDs and LPs together. I’ll have to see if it lives up to the hype, but the format is surely worth exploring.  Sadly, the company doesn’t have a website presence yet.