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    Bobby Oroza – Get On The Otherside

    The Finns are noted for not only being great musicians, but are masters at cultural adaptation.  They make tango even more melancholy than their Argentine friends do, and now, I guess I have to admit that they’re more than holding their own in soul and R&B if this latest album by guitarist Bobby Oroza is anything to go by.  The sounds are pure, sweet, deep soul with production that would make Smokey Robinson and many a Motown band smile.  Damn near perfect, this one.

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    Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland present​.​.​. Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)

    This compilation, released by Acid Jazz Records‘ managing director, Eddie Piller, along with general manager Dean Rudland, is pure joy.  The sounds blend a modern 1990s sound with Swingin’ London of the 1960s.  From the Acid Jazz Bandcamp site: “Acid Jazz’s Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland have put together this compilation of the sort of sounds that we were playing at the time. They are releases on Acid Jazz and other label’s that surrounded the scene and they were mainly made by people we knew from either around the club scene, behind the counters of our favourite record shops, or…

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    Various Artists – Record Kicks 15th

    Italy’s Record Kicks has been releasing crime-funk, hip garage rock, deep soul, afro and boogaloo hits for 15 years so the label will be offering, as of May 15th, a compilation of some of their finest moments.  Bands on this killer comp include The Tibbs, Calibro 35 and our favorite neo-soul diva, Martha Ren.

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    Tofa Jaxx – A Guy Like Me EP

    In normally more partial to listening to old, stripped down 60s soul than I am to hearing modern R&B, but this gem out of Tanzania, by way of the U.K., caught my ear in a most pleasant way. Our friends at Delicious Tunes do yeoman’s work spending time all over Africa, getting to know and working with musicians of astounding quality and getting them a proper release. Tofa Jaxx is one of these gems. Tofa’s vocals are sultry, and he can hold is own with any of modern heavyweights populating the top 40 charts, but what is especially interesting is…

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    Marta Ren – Stop Look Listen (Deluxe Edition)

    Porto, Portugal’s neo-soul queen Marta Ren has had her breakthrough album reissued with a couple of extra tracks!  From her Bandcamp website: Record Kicks re-release Marta Ren’s legendary debut LP “Stop Look Listen” on ltd edition vinyl clear LP (500 copies worldwide). By popular demand Milan label Record Kicks announce the reissue of 2016 Marta Ren & The Groovelvets seminal debut album “Stop, Look Listen” on limited edition clear vinyl LP and digital deluxe version on February 26. The digital deluxe version includes 2 bonus tracks, the previously unreleased track “Hit Me” and “Summer’s Gone” that was previously released on…