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    Wara – El Inca

    Bolivia is a country who rarely pop up on my radar.  Thankfully, today we have a hard-rock/psychedelic gem to present to you.  Wara were influenced by hard-rock giants like Uriah Heep and Deep Purple, but they also added touches of their own Bolivian heritage to their music. Straddling the borders of psych, hard rock and prog, this album is considered to be one of the holy grails of South American rock music.

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    My Brother The Wind – Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One

    This post is dedicated to my dear brother in music, Shane Beck, because he turned me on to this magnificent band.  My Brother The Wind is something of a supergroup comprising of Nicklas Barker of Anekdoten, Makajodama’s Mathias Danielsson, and Magnolia’s Ronny Eriksson & Tomas Eriksson.  The music is a bit less metal-influenced, and more in the tradition of Swedish progressive and psychedelic rock.  It’s dark, mellow, and if you’re more into Pink Floyd’s deeper psychedelic excursions (not the famous stuff, but the weirder), you’re going to appreciate these guys.

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    Various Artists – GRAMMOFON​-​MISSIONEN – A Selection of Swedish Jesus Music 1967​-​1982

    As a practicing Eastern Orthodox Christian, this Jesus music might be a subject I know a little something about, though my normal preference is more Byzantine, Arabic or Slavonic and dates back to at least the 5th Century rather than the 20th.  Still, give mad respect to Subliminal Sounds for digging up all these odd Christian psychedelic gems and putting them into one stunning collection. For those with a bit more coin to spend, there is a book/magazine package that runs for around US$70, and it looks to be well worth it.

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    Kit Sebastian – L’addio / Hayat

    A brilliant single from the always-impressive Mr. Bongo Records by London-based Kit Sebastian.  From the band’s Bandcamp site: “‘L’addio’ saw the band perfecting their production and orchestration, with strings, horns and double bass, and an Italian synth found in a French dump. The music was greatly influenced by Italian soundtracks and Italian female singers, such as Mina or Rita Pavone. The track announces itself with a break that is guaranteed to get samplers twitching. The tone of the melody and lyrics is heartfelt and aching. It has a beautiful, intimate sadness like the closing scenes to a love affair, and…

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    Jeff Gburek – The Art of Prepared Guitar Volume One

    Jeff Gburek’s recent instrumental guitar album is a a wonderfully disjointed trip around his sonic weapon of choice.  It’s a truly wild work, but Jeff weaves his vast musical influences together with hints of a broken kind of blues, free jazz, improvisational skronk and psychedelic rock. In Jeff’s words, which you can read in full at Ramble Records‘ Bandcamp site: “In attempting to move into the future of the guitar or the post-guitar (as in the case of Kevin Drumm or Annette Krebs where the guitar became deconstructed and/or displaced into other electro-acoustic processes, if you will), I also discovered aspects…

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    [Article] Omega — “Utazás A Szürke Folyón”/”Journey on the Grey River: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — May 20, 2023

    As I will be busy on Sundays for the forseeable future, I will be posting articles on other blogs, or podcasts I find on Youtube, for your entertainment.  Today’s installation comes from the blog Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! / Off the Charts: 60s Rock Revelations, a great read for those of you who like weird psych music.  Today’s installment covers Omega, Hungary’s greatest progressive rock band.  You can read the article here.

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    Dolphy Kick Bebop – Smoke a Haiku Cigarette

    As I will be back in Beijing in a few weeks from now, I thought I’d spend Western Easter introducing my friends here to Dolphy Kick Bebop, a band out of Hangzhou, China. The label, Space Fruity Records, is connected with Beijing’s coolest record shop, Fruity Space, and the music is heavy-duty psychedelic rock. Brilliant, and I’m looking forward to catching up with the local scene on my return.