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  • Boztown – In Memory of Freedom

    This was a pleasant surprise.  I’m new to Boztown, a trip-hop band out of France, and they have a warm, dark, rather crusty sound to them.

  • Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet – Kraynosty

    Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet (2nd Floor is Striking) are a Moscow post-punk outfit, and it seems both Russia and Belarus are producing a lot of these days.  They are released by the French record label Belka Records.  Their sound will appeal strongly to those who are into the post-punk renaissance of the past five years or […]

  • Antiq – Ilbeltz / Hanternoz / Anceisural Eritance – D’Anjou en Vasconie

    This was a combination I didn’t expect.  It’s not uncommon for, say, black metal musicians to integrate their music into pagan folk and make a good hybrid, but this is something different.  Antiq combine soaring traditional Basque and Breton vocals with a proper metal backing, and somehow, by some strange miracle, it all comes together […]

  • H.J. Ayala – Le Corps Sacré

    This is the second guitar-based album we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing this week.  This one comes from Mexican-French guitarist Hector (H.J.) Ayala who works out of Strasbourg, France. The album is a gentle, twangy, pleasantly meandering collection of tones which belong to a film which has not yet been made.  Ayala continues to develop […]

  • Benjamin Aït-Ali – FIN

    Benjamin Aït-Ali – FIN

    This acousmatic gem by French composer Benjamin Aït-Ali was released at the end of 2020, and it’s as engaging as anything I’ve heard this year. There are many electroacoustic and acousmatic composers active today, including in my old hometown, who are of stunning quality, but Benjamin offers something a bit different to my ears.  There’s […]

  • Gui Duvignau – Baden

    Gui Duvignau – Baden

    Bassist and composer Gui Duvignau was born in France, but raised in Brazil.  In his latest album, he interprets some classic work by the legendary Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell, whose work left an indelible mark on the samba and bossa nova scene worldwide.

  • Esmez – Drifting

    Esmez – Drifting

    From July of 2021 we have a release from the French ambient project Esmez.  The gentle, dulcet sounds of each of these four tracks have made for very pleasant Sunday listening, and would really appeal to fans of Brian Eno’s earlier ambient works. For Esmez’s motivations on making the album, consider visiting their Bandcamp site.

  • Various Artists – Discember: Hear Xmas, See Xmas, Say Xmas

    As we observe Christmas Eve and the Nativity today and tomorrow based on the Julian Calendar, we share an avant-garde take on “Christmas” music. The French experimental record label Camembert Électrique have released a 94-track comp of some rather interesting takes of some Yuletide classics, as well as a fair number of originals.  Some of […]

  • Bérangère Maximin – Land Of Waves

    Land Of Waves, the 6th album by French electroacoustic composer Bérangère Maximin, came out in June of 2020, and when I first heard it, was was left utterly impressed, but I have not had a chance to review it until today.  Maximin has an incredible talent to blend together nature, minerals, plant life, animal life, […]

  • Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安) – Hutong Jazz – 胡同爵士

    Jean-Sébastien Héry is a French ex-pat musician living in China.  He has a very impressive body of work covering over 50 albums of music ranging from electro music to rock performed on traditional Chinese instruments like the zhonguran and pipa.  His work is singular, as there doesn’t seem to be anyone, either inside or outside […]