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  • Marta Ren – Stop Look Listen (Deluxe Edition)

    Porto, Portugal’s neo-soul queen Marta Ren has had her breakthrough album reissued with a couple of extra tracks!  From her Bandcamp website: Record Kicks re-release Marta Ren’s legendary debut LP “Stop Look Listen” on ltd edition vinyl clear LP (500 copies worldwide). By popular demand Milan label Record Kicks announce the reissue of 2016 Marta […]

  • Male Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute – Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord

    To our new readers, we at Music You Need To Hear wish to honor Christmas on the Julian Calendar.  We wish you a Merry Christmas, a hopeful 2021, and peace on Earth and in your hearts.  Here is some music for the season courtesy of the Male Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute.

  • Erkin Sadykov & Abdugheni Abdurusul – Secret of the world. Archival recordings of Uyghur music from Kyrgyzstan

    There is little information available on Uyghur musicians Erkin Sadykov (vocal, dutar) and Abdugheni Abdurusul (tambur), but the quality of these recordings show a warm, sensitive interpretation of music we’re watching disintegrate before our eyes.  Thankfully, Kyrgyzstan allows their Uyghur minority to live and protect their traditions in peace.

  • Ángel Ontalva – Roads to Sunrise Cities

    Ángel Ontalva is something like a paisano to me; a fellow of Spanish descent who spends an extraordinary time in Russia, and who has integrated himself into local scenes across the country.  Guitarist Ontalva has released a single which is a mellow pastiche of progressive rock, world music and jazz.  As this is a free […]

  • Nihil Impvlse – Stasis

    Though I am not sure exactly where Nihil Impvlse hail from in Italy, I can rest assured that Raffaele Pezzella of Eighth Tower Records and his own project Sonologyst will ensure the quality of such music. Nihil Impvlse are quite a pleasant surprise for noise or drone music. This sounds more sculpted, more relaxed and […]

  • The Claudia Quintet +1 with Kurt Elling & Theo Bleckmann – What Is The Beautiful?

    Cuneiform Records offers a very generous program where a release from their back catalog is offered for $5 ($7 for a double album release), and they don’t skimp on the quality of these releases. Drummer John Hollenbeck’s The Claudia Quintet released this disc in 2011, and as a Rock-In-Opposition / Avant-Progressive / Spoken Word release, […]

  • Julien Bigorgne – Monades

    Julien Bigorgne is a flautist working out of Paris, France, who also happens to be an oud player. The music on this album is filmic, a soundtrack to a non-existent film. The music walks the line between soundtrack compositions of Yann Tiersen, jazz and world music (such a nebulous term, but until I find a […]

  • Magnolian – Famous Men

    It is my great honor to present the first featured release of the blog. This album comes to us from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It is not what you would expect from the country, as most marketing of music shows Mongol folkloric culture melded together with everything from heavy metal to rap, most of it working well, […]

  • So It Begins…

    It is our tremendous pleasure to introduce to you Music You Need To Hear. We will be pointing out some amazing releases from around the world, and will eventually add a bi-weekly podcast featuring five tracks to turn you on to interesting, adventurous music. We look forward to an exciting 2021!