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    Senyawa – Istana (Live)

    Today is a workday for us in Beijing, so there is no review today, but I did want to point you to an Indonesian band called Senyawa, who is featured on Rafaelle Pezzella’s incredible Unexplained Sounds Group‘s digipak retrospective called the Far East Music Collection.  It is a reissue of three seminal compilations covering experimental music from China, Indonesia and the Far East in general.  The set looks gorgeous, and Senyawa‘s contribution is mind-blowing.

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    Pyroclastic – Enter Temple of Shiva Exit Tomb of Parvati

    Pyroclaster is an old friend of mine, and he has a a new album that harkens back to old-school EBM and Industrial dance.  From his Bandcamp site: “Taking on a different approach in Electronic genres Pyroclastic steers the machine driven music gears towards the Eastern Tribal elements. Combining Eastern Tribal instrumentation along with their traditional rhythms of Indian & Arabic roots with your favorite blend of Rhythmic Noise. Pyroclastic has long been influenced by artists like Muslimgauze, Nurse with wound, This Morn’ Omina, and Goa Trance of the 90’s – early 2000’s to bring this collection of it’s own version…

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    Anglachel – A Light that Shines so Bright

    The first thought I saw with this lovely cover art from Greek composer Anglachel was, “good boi!”  It’s a heartbreakingly charming bit of cover art, but the main story is the music.  It’s dungeon synth, but perhaps a little meatier than what I am used to hearing.  The production value is quite nice.  The story about the release is recorded below: “The purpose of this EP is to provide assistance in organizations helping stray animals in Greece. For that reason ALL earnings will be donated to such organizations. The donation will take place on the 8th of May, so contributions…

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    RKS Trio – Live at Bab-Ilo

    Thanks to the ever-consistent Muteant Records for bringing this album to my attention!  I’m familiar with both Michel Kristof and Makoto Sato’s work, as both as masters in the improv world, but Quentin Rollet is a new name for me.  His sax playing and sound manipulation are expertly underpinned by the aforementioned Kristof and Sato, making this a bouncy and adventurous listen. Quentin Rollet : sopranino and alto saxes, Korg Monotron Delay, iPhone, SmarFaust App Michel Kristof : electric guitard, Sfx, cowbells Makoto Sato : drums

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    Found Object – every silver lining

    Well done, Found Object!  The tracks on this album remind me of some of best synth-pop bands I grew up with in the 1980s.  Though Tangerine Dream is referenced as an influence, I hear something different – Kraftwerk, Blancmange, a more instrumental Depeche Mode or Soft Cell seem to be popping up as influences as I listen through.  Really, a joyful album.

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    [Podcast] Jeff Gburek – Rifles & Garbage Podcast 4 Sumud

    Something rather different from friend of the blog Jeff Gburek, whose work you know quite well if you have been following our page for a while.  From the Soundcloud site: “The Rifles & Garbage Podcast is named thusly to create a strong an mental association between militarism, waste and pollution. I am not opposed to subsistence hunting but maybe use a trap rather than firearms or maybe even try subsistence farming instead of the venison survivalist hype. This podcast has three movements. One introductory, paying homage to sources. The second featuring a recital of poems by Yahia Lababidi, Ghassan Kavafani,…

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    The Gaslamp Killer meets The Heliocentrics – LEGNA

    This collaboration between Los Angeles’ The Gaslamp Killer and Britain’s funkiest band, The Heliocentrics, is one of those lucky finds you stumble into every now and then, and I say this as someone who isn’t too big a fan of hip-hop.  From the release’s Bandcamp site: “The stars would align a few years later, as The Heliocentrics would go on to tour with the GLK Experience as his backing band. This laid the groundwork for a monumental collaboration that was recorded at Quartermass Sound Lab, and would take many years to complete. The resulting album is a testament to the…