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Alexei Aigui – 1000 Miles Till The Next Embrace EP

Our friend and noted composer Alexeï Aïgui was just featured here recently for his releases, Palimpsest and Alcohol, at the end of July, and it seems that he’s kept himself quite busy as of late, so we’re pleased to announce this EP, a soundtrack to the film 1000 Miles Till The Next Embrace, a documentary on tango directed by Irina Rubia.

Alexeï has proven himself to be among the best of this generation of soundtrack composers, but there is one track which utterly stands out for me, the fifth track, titled Freeze.  It has a feeling of a post-rock composition, rather gentle but stirring with power.  The EP is quite a fine piece of work, which should come as no surprise to those who enjoy Alexeï’s work.

If you wish to hear the album in high quality, or if you want to purchase it as a FLAC file, consider going to Qobuz, one of two streaming services I truly appreciate.  They simply to a better job than Spotify does, and a purchase is a great way to support the artist.



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