Eclectic Maybe Band – Again Alors?

Bassist GS was once a member of the legendary rock-in-opposition band Univers Zéro, and he has continued on his incredible music journey with a new project, the Eclectic Maybe Band.

From the Discus Records Bandcamp site:

Again Alors? is the third release by the band, which brings together detailed studio work with the creativity of real time improvisation. Using different groupings from within a large ensemble cast, which includes many well-known names, Guy has created an album where half the tracks are drawn from live improvisation in the studio and half are created from the ground up with players adding their composed or improvised parts one at a time. In both cases Guy assumes the role of master arranger, taking the improvisations as raw material and sculpting them into finished pieces.

This richly detailed new release takes the listener on a journey through rock, jazz, electronic and abstract landscapes packed with detail.”

This is definitely going to appeal to those who like avant-progressive chamber rock.

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