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    ISQ – Ode To Myself (Arthur Baker Remix)

    ISQ are a band based out of London who have managed to carve out a rather nice niche in both the alternative jazz and house music worlds.  In this new release, their track, Ode To Myself, has been remixed by legendary producer Arthur Baker, who has worked his magic with bands like New Order and Afrika Bambaataa.  The vocals are smooth, the beats are warm.  This should make the rounds at all the summer dance hotspots.  If you prefer to hear this on Bandcamp, the song can be accessed here.  It sounds phenomenal as a FLAC file.  

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    Gruvi & CVTKVC – Pandora EP

    It looks like Colombia has a rich techno scene, and the record label Psicodelica are spearheading it.  Gruvi seem to be based in Romania, and produce a very rich, bass-heavy minimal techno sound.  It is both dubby and danceable, and the B-track is even more stripped down with a remix by Serbian DJ CVTKVC.