Harald Grosskopf & Ramón Amezcua – Quetzalkrautl

¡Demasiado kosmiche…!  Two absolute legends in electronic music grace these pages with a combination whose name cracks me up, but whose music entinces.  Ramón Amezcua is best known under his nom de plume Bostich and is known as the godfather of the Nortec scene which combines hard electronic music with Norteño music and banda into a radically different form of the sort of electronica produced either Stateside or in Europe.  Harald Grosskopf played drums for progressive rock bands like Wallenstein, Ashra and appeared on quite a few albums by Klaus Schulze, as well as releasing Synthesist, which is today considered a classic in electronic music.  Decades on, both composers are still at the height of their compositional powers, though I must admit to liking the slightly nostalgic feel of some of these tracks.  It’s definitely music for the 21st century, but the old Kraut (and Norteño) in me can’t help but reminisce at how good these musicians have been for so very long.

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