Nicola Conte – Umoja

My friends, mark your calendars for June 30, 2023.  This is the date that Italian DJ/bandleader/impresario and all-around man of good taste Nicola Conte releases his latest album under the banner of  Far Out Recordings, who have never let me down on a single release all these years.

As Nicola’s music spreads to all corners of the globe, rather than having me describe it to you, let us start with who’s on this platter:

Zara Mcfarlane – Lead Vocals On Arise/life Forces/freedom & Progress
Bridgette Amofah – Lead Vocals On Dance Of Love & Peace/soul Of The People/flying Circles
Myles Sanko – Lead Vocals On Into The Light Of Love
Timo Lassy – Tenor Saxophone
Teppo Makynen – Drums
Pietro Lussu – Fender Rhodes , Wurlizter, Acoustic Piano
Alberto Parmegiani – Guitar
Abdissa Assefa – Congas & Percussions
Ameen Salim – Fender Bass & Double Bass On Freedom & Progress/Flying Circles/Umoja Unity
Marco Bardoscia – Electric Bass On Dance Of Love & Peace/Arise/Life Forces
Luca Alemanno – Fender Bass & Double Bass On Soul Of The People/Heritage/Into The Light Of Love
Simon Moullier – Vibraphone On Arise/Heritage
Dario Bassolino – Fender Rhodes Piano & Moog On Soul Of The People/Into The Light Of Love
Magnus Lindgren – Flute On Into The Light Of Love
Fernando Damon – Drums On Heritage
Milena Jancuric – Flute On Heritage
Pasquale Calo’ – Tenor Saxophone On Flying Circles
Hermon Mehari – Trumpet On Freedom & Progress
Paola Gladys – Vocals On Flying Circles/Freedom & Progress
Chantal Lewis – Vocals On Into The Light Of Love
Jaelee Small – Vocals On Into The Light Of Love

You have some of the freshest musicians and vocalists working featured on this album.  From Nicola’s promo sheet, via his release Bandcamp site:

“Proudly revivalist, Umoja was recorded direct to analog tape, with just two takes for each track. “Searching for an unadulterated, spontaneous, almost improvised feeling”, Nicola made sure that the few overdubs were also transferred to tape in order to retain the colour and warmth of the analog sound. “Very little post production or editing has been added, so what you hear is largely what happened in those magical live sessions”.”

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