F.P. & The Doubling Riders – Doublings & Silences Vol. I

The Doubling Riders were one of those bands that came out of 1980s Italy who were criminally neglected. It’s great to see this published digitally.  This reissue came out today, and it was considered a big score in my collection when I had the vinyl version.  From the Bandcamp site:

The Doubling Riders were born in the middle of the ’80s from the ashes of the great experimental / minimal wave project A.T.R.O.X. around the trio of Francesco Paladino, Pier Luigi Andreoni, and Riccardo Sinigaglia (Professor of Electronic composition at Milan’s Conservatory).

Starting from an electronic music approach and working freely with ethno, folk and wave elements, the sound of the Doubling Riders was extremely original and hard to classify.

Mostly quiet, meditative stuff, with folk, experimental electronic influences and some unusual vocalizations, some sang in a strange Italian dialect.

Even if often compared to the more intellectual electronic experimental bands like Tuxedomoon, Coil or Vox Populi, Doubling Riders can be easily considered a unique project within the Italian new music scene.


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