Maryam Sirvan – Feast On My Body

We have to wait eight more days to hear the complete work, but given the two tracks Maryam Sirvan has made available, this will be worth the wait.  There were two artists which came to mind while listening to the tracks over and over – Tim Buckley at his most experimental, and ‘Dogs Blood Rising‘-era Current 93.  This should be seen as an electroacoustic album, and would compare very favorably to those artists like Bernard Parmegiani who could depict a hellish landscape in what some wrongly think is an academic medium.  This album is truly that weird, and it sounds magnificent for it.

It’s not my normal Sunday morning post-liturgy music, but there is a gloriously horrendous feel to it, marking in some way, a societal collapse we all seem to be witnessing worldwide.

Should we survive the apocalypse, we have solid albums like this to remind us of the feelings of those dark times we lived in.


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