Cabaret Voltaire – Shadow of Fear

Today is a terrible day, as we’re reeling over the loss of Cabaret Voltaire multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Richard H. Kirk.  He was 65 years old.

The Cabs were one of the most influential bands of their era, whose work would have serve as inspiration to genres such as Industrialpost-punkEBMavant-funkelectroacid house and techno.

The album we share today was the first one by Cabaret Voltaire, with Richard doing the album solo, in 26 years.  It’s as bleak as the old material, though better recorded, and it sounds like a culmination of those early, gritty experimental recordings, that funky drum machine rattling away in the background during their funky phase, and a slight ambience of dread filling the recordings.  Cold and eerie.

Most of you know about Richard’s forays into techno, but if not, consider checking out some of his solo projects.


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