Albaluna – Heptad

Our friends at Tejo Milenario have introduced us to yet another one of their brilliant band and we are expecting to highlight quite a few more as the weeks pass by!

Albaluna are a project from Portugal whose stage performances blend together music, poetry and dance, combining cultures of the Silk Road into one well-woven tapestry.  The music is a mix of electronic progressive music, pure folk forms from the Mediterranean, North Africa and even hints of Chinese music.  They literally sound like they are able to vacuum a genre of music and easily mix it into their palette.  They gained so much attention that the band represented Portugal in Macao (China) with a concert at the Macao Cultural Central and with the participation as soloist musicians in that same festival’s orchestra, conducted by the well-renowned Chinese maestro Yan Huichang.

For more on the band, visit Tejo Milenario’s website highlighting their work.

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