Various Artists – Meticulous Midgets compilation 2021

I almost feel bad for only promoting the download of this release.  Our dear friends over at Meticulous Midgets, one of Russia’s finest experimental/avant-music record labels also releases a magazine to go with the album, and it’s a stunning affair.  This is the second one I have had the pleasure of reviewing, and it makes me pleased to know that promotion of new music in the country is in good hands with my Moscow-based colleagues.  What’s more, they don’t rest with promoting local acts.  The artists on this comp hail from the United States, the United Kingdom, German, Spain, France, Belgium, Croatia, Ukraine, Italy, Canada, Finland and Argentina.

This compilation covers indie music, experimental (as mentioned previously), avant-folk, weird pop-psych, and a lot of other rather dark music.  Do consider supporting this magazine, and purchase their hard product.  It’s a beautiful package.

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