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  • Doll Klaw – Thorns EP

    As a more-or-less native Los Angeleno who grew up running around clubs in the late 1980s and early 1990s in clubs like Club F**k, DAS Bunker and the like, hearing synth-pop like this makes me feel a sense of nostalgia. Southern California-based Doll Klaw has all the hallmarks of a 1980s indie band – the […]

  • Various Artists – Color De Tropico Vol 2 Compiled by El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas

    Spanish imprint El Palmas Music has released this compilation of music from Venezuela that covers reggae, salsa, soul, cumbia and joropo music.  There are two tracks available to listen to until the release date of May 14, 2021, but judging by these, this compilation will be pretty damn good. From their Bandcamp page: El Palmas […]

  • Alostmen – Kologo

    Alostmen – Kologo

    Ghanian band Alostmen are bursting with energy and come with a sound mixing highlife with a guitar style that reminds me, slightly, of Tuareg playing one could hear with bands like Tinariwen. From the band’s website: Formed by Stevo Atambire and produced by Wanlov (Fok’n Bois) and Percy Yip Tong, Alostmen’s music is based around […]

  • Archbishop Samuel David – You Are the Light of the World: Antiochian Byzantine Hymnody in Toledo, Ohio ca. 1940s

    In times of deep anguish, I’ve relied on the hymnody of the Orthodox Church to find peace.  It is where I place my faith, and it has never failed me once.  A lot of that comes from my devotion to the chanting I hear in the choirs. Archbishop Samuel David was a Syrian-born priest who […]

  • Yu Su – Yellow River Blue

    Chinese-Canadian composer Yu Su produces an album that left me pleasantly surprised by.  Though I found this download under “ambient” music, it turns out that it may have more to do with the motorik music of Neu! quietly subdued by elements of dub, dance music and wee touches of Chinese traditional music buried underneath.  She […]

  • Gleb Kolyadin – Gleb Kolyadin

    Russian progressive rock band iamthemorning have been at the forefront of the symphonic rock scene for nearly a decade now, and a lot of the reason for the band’s success lies with their pianist, Gleb Kolyadin, whose composing style reminds me of a lot of bands from the 1970s with far better recording studio access. […]

  • Suzanne Belaubre – (DIY)

    Suzanne Belaubre – (DIY)

    Record label and magazine La Souterraine offer the best indie music coming out of France these days.  Their latest release by Suzanne Belaubre is bound to be a cold wave masterpiece. The tracks are short and the production is excellent, if sparse.  That sparseness works well with the music, and it gives the music an […]

  • Various Artists – Mailbox Records: Music for Another Sky

    This collection of ambient music is curated by British record label Mailbox Records.  From their Bandcamp site: About this release: This compilation has been put together in order to raise awareness and/or raise money for the UK charity, Refuge. This means 100% of proceeds from all sales will go to them (after the standard deductions […]

  • Gaye Su Akyol – Yort Savul: İSYAN MANİFESTOSU!

    Gaye Su Akyol has an EP release out, and it’s punchy.  Four powerful tracks of modern Andalou psychedelic rock and groove will be enough to whet your appetite for more. Turkey seems to really have it going on when it comes to psych music these days!  The Grey Lady (or the Old Hag, depending on […]

  • Seirios Savvaidis – Moly (μώλυ)

    Seirios Savvaidis is a Greek singer and songwriter who brings a raw, ancient sound to his brand of folk music.  One can hear not only his acoustic guitar, but also bagpipes, bouzouki, percussions, electric guitar, accordion, synths, and polyphonic ensembles.  The music is dense, rich, and harkens back to a hazy, mystical era in Greek […]