Orphan Sound System – Tantric Tantrums

Experimental music isn’t a genre that avails itself to the power trio.  In this case, however, Jeff Gburek, John El-Manahi and John Palumbo should be given such a venerable title.  The music they produce as Orphan Sound System is reminiscent of vintage progressive rock bands like Faust or Cranioclast but with production input by the Gyuto Monks.  This is sitting on the nexus point of psychedelic music, post-Industrial and experimental.  Challenging listening, but ultimately rewarding, as the listener will feel as though they’re being transported on a not-unpleasant tour of Saṃsāra.


Jeff Gburek: electric guitar, bassic guitar, microfreak, drum machine, bells, gongs, hand-drum, violin, zither, voice
John El-Manahi: electric oud, prepared and affected electric guitar, 8 string bass, shortwave radio
John Palumbo: drums, synthesizer, sticks, chimes, saw-blades, need we say more?

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