Chet Baker – Chet On Poetry

We have a rescued gem courtesy of the impeccable Right Tempo! record label out of Italy, and it covers late period Chet Baker in fine form.  From the release’s Bandcamp site:

«”Chet on Poetry” is not his last record, but indeed it differs from the others and it is the best and the most charming one. Chet was in a good shape in Rome, in those Winter days, and he had the right partners. […] All those who took part in this memorable session should be praised extensively. However, space allows to mention only Nicola Stilo, flute, piano and guitar player, author of as many as four of the eight themes. Aside from being one of our best solo players, in a position to compete with the most famous musicians, Stilo is one of the musicians who succeeded in deeply grasping Chet’s art. Only few people had this privilege.» [Franco Fayenz]

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