The Lords Of Altamont- Midnight to 666

From the ashes of local garage rock legends The Bomboras sprang, in something like a phoenix-like fashion, The Lords Of Altamont.  This particular album has been reissued by the Italian record label Heavy Psych Sounds, and as considered to be a rarity for garage rock music collectors. It was first pressed by the French record label Fargo Records, but the band hype was so strong at the time that the record sold out very quickly, and it remained out of print until now.

The mix of biker rock, psychedelic rock and B-movie exploitation movie imagery made them a big hit during the 1990s, and you can hear these and more influences on this album.  It helps that members of the band played for the MC5, The Cramps, and other legendary troupes.

I had the privilege of witnessing their first performance at the venerable club my brother was promoting out of at the time called The Garage.  From literally the first drumbeat, the music was so loud and heavy that nothing in Los Angeles at the time could compare to these guys.

The members are still active, as far as I know, and are still making some of the best garage rock around.  This long-overdue release will be a welcome addition to your collection.

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