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  • Irmán – Fü​r Eline

    Irmán – Fü​r Eline

    What a tribute from Irmán, a composer from Portugal.  From his Bandcamp website: “Für Eline is a love song, a testimony to my relationship with my wife. We’ve been together for over 20 years, we have a beautiful daughter and we’ve been through many things, both good and bad. Since mid-2020 my wife has been […]

  • Robert Scott Thompson – Of Ice and Memory

    Robert Scott Thompson is yet another friend of our blog who has graced our pages with a new single.  From his Bandcamp site: An experimental track from the sessions for “From a Language of Light,” imagined for release near the close of 2022. Features Sarah Lock on vocals and percussion performed by Stuart Gerber. As […]

  • La Compagnia Digitale – La Compagnia Digitale

    This is a weird little gem.  The three tracks on this album point not only to La Compagnia Digitale’s roots as an Italian progressive rock band, but there are even elements of the Berlin School which would make Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream proud.  Think of this as a more Krautrock-infused Goblin.

  • The Mossad – Eden to Eden

    Our friend The Mossad has composed a tribute to a young lady by the name of Eden Gaiski, and the pain and suffering she endured after a horrible car accident which caused permanent brain damage.  The music is instrumental, combining techno with a sweeping electronic wave behind the music.

  • African Head Charge – Songs Of Praise

    While browsing through about 40 TB of music files I’m uploading into my iBroadcast.com account, I came across an absolute plum of an album.  African Head Charge were one of the greatest bands on the legendary On-U Sound Records roster, and this heavy reggae/dub masterpiece, released in 1990, is consider by most of their fans […]

  • Viul & Benoît Pioulard – Konec

    A Strangely Isolated Place provides us with a fine pairing. From the label’s Bandcamp site: “With an immediate arresting aesthetic, grounded in saturation, decay and distortion, tracks such as ‘Returning Clear Voice’ or ‘Flaxen’ reflect some of the duo’s more textured work – a hazy mist of life unknown in a city’s uncharted times. Konec’s […]

  • Aftab Darvishi – A Thousand Butterflies

    Though I’ve tagged it as contemporary classical music, as has the artist, the latest album by Aftab Darvishi is something more than that.  It is classical music melded with regional music from Iran and electronics.  A stunning album.

  • Various Artists – REQUIEM: Klaus Schulze Tribute

    This release, procured by Aural Films, is a tribute to Krautrock and Berlin-School legend Klaus Schulze, who passed away in April of 2022, and who would have been 75 years old today, far too young to have left us.  From the compilation’s Bandcamp site: “Over a year ago, Jack Hertz approached me with the idea […]

  • Abadir – Mutate

    Abadir – Mutate

    SVBKVLT is a label based in Shanghai, China who have an international outlook.  A perfect example is this band, the Egyptian artist Abadir, who works in the field of experimental electronic music and glitch.

  • Rodion G.A. – Misiunea Spatiala Delta (Delta Space Mission)

    This gem is from one of Romania’s strangest composers.  The music sounds made by Rodion Roșca range from a more industrial-era Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide to the wilder music of Giorgio Moroder.  He passed away in March of 2021 at the age of 68, but he left a truly unique body of work behind, including […]