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  • MAiKA – Balkannibalism

    MAiKA – Balkannibalism

    In a land of amazing bands and ensembles, MAiKA have managed to forcefully grab my attention.  While they call themselves an alternative dance-punk band, there’s so much more to the music.  The energy is amazing, the voices cut right through you in a way that most indie music can’t, and the fact that they combine brass […]

  • Ansambl Mileta Petrovića – Veseli Romi

    The Ansambl Mileta Petrovića were a band out of the former Yugoslavia (namely, the area of Niš, Serbia) who were around from the early 1980s until around 1991, before the erstwhile Communist union fell apart and hell broke out everywhere.  Radio Martiko document some of their finer moments on this album.