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Russian World Music Chart 2021

I’m proud to have been asked to participate in helping to decide which albums would top the Russian World Music Chart.  Here is a press release on this event:

Russian World Music Chart 2021
Making Russian world music visible to the world
In October 2021, Russia’s first world music chart, the Russian World Music Chart (RWMC), was launched. The purpose of RWMC is to attract the attention of the world music community to the novelties of folk music of multinational Russia, as well as popularization and assistance in promoting unique musicians from remote corners of Russia in the Russian Federation and abroad. With this project we want to celebrate the independent recording world, the music label business and the media that brings the artists to the community.
In total, 40 albums in the genre of world, ethnic and folk music, published in 2021, participate in the chart including 12 albums of authentic music from 15 labels.
The international jury, which includes 16 representatives from Australia, Norway, the USA, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Catalonia, the Czech Republic and Russia, selected and announced the 20 best albums by the end of the year.
Among them there are radio journalists, authors of music columns in the best publications of the world devoted to folk music. We invite to the jury only those experts who really put in their rotation or write about Russian artists on a regular basis. For the participants of the chart — this is a real chance to sound to the whole world!
The top-20 Russian world music albums of 2021 are:
1) Staritsa – Klyukva – CPL-music
2) Vedan Kolod – Gorodische – CPL-music
3) Khöömei Beat – Changys Baglaash – ARC Music
4) Namgar – Nayan Navaa – ARC music
5) Yat-Kha – We will never die – The Lollipoppe Shoppe
6) Shoodja-Choodja – Shooldyrak – CPL-music
7) Uutai – Dope – Mars records
8 ) Opycham – Where to find peace of mind – Sketis music
9) Tatyana Molchanova – Songs for Lidia Ruslanova. Part 1 – Self-released
10) Khara – Mandragora – Sketis music
11) Kazachya sprava – The sun will give the morrow birth – Izba records
12) Gudimir & Shulyakovskiy — Russian album — Gudimir
13) Smorodina Reka – Foreshadowing – Self-released
14) Gralitsa – Little Mosquitoes Are Sleeping This Night – Self-released
15) Alexey Khovalyg – Reincarnation – Self-released
16) Mila Kikina – Verbochka – Self-released
17) Balkhar Ensemble – Lakku Balai: Songs of Lak People, Dagestan / Russia – Antonovka Records
18) Gudba Vadzana – Folk Trip – Self-released
19) The Acoustic Boots – Kare – Pravda Music
20) Zakaria – Berge – GvinRecords
The best record label of 2021 – Antonovka records
RWMC team 2021:
1. Arne Berg (Norway), «Jungeltelegrafen», «Verdensscenen», WMCE
2. Artemy Troitsky (Russia), «ROCK FM STEREO VOODOO», «NEW MUSIC FOR Grow-UPS» in Tallinn on Raadio2, «Music of Freedom» on Radio Svoboda.
3. Angel Romero y Ruiz (USA), worldmusiccentral. com
4. Lev Belyakov (Russia), radioshow «FolkRoom»
5. Ludwig Liebhardt (Germanу), «FOLK&WeltMIX» on radio LORA
6. Daryana Antipova (Russia), TWMC
7. Rudolph A. «Rudy» Carrera (USA),
8. Marc Bauduin (Belgium), «Le Canard Folk»
9. Dani Heyvaert (Belgium),
10. Jorge Garcia Patón (Catalonia, Spain), «Demésenllà», TWMC
11. Milan Tesař (Czech Republic), radio Proglas, «Slyste, lide!», «Jak se vam libi», WMCE
12. Christian Pliefke (Germany), «Folk Galore»
13. Toni Pennacchia (USA), MergingArts Productions, «Transworld Airwaves», «Donne del Mondo», TWMC
14. Tamás Galgóczi (Hungary),
15. Vladimír «Potkan» Potančok (Slovakia), WMCE, «Hudba sveta_FM» on Radio_FM
16. Roger Holdsworth (Australia), «Global Village» on PBS-FM
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