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Razam / Iva Marešová – Harpyje U Pramene

On Friday night, my beloved friends, Helenka and Tomáš, suggested I go out to a club called Stará Pekárna, a club where Tomáš works.  The owner of this fine establishment is a heavy blues aficionado who happens to book very impressive bands.  Imagine my surprise when I walk into the club into a lovely sound:

The singer, Iva Marešová, had a wonderfully open voice, full of power and energy, and even though most in the club were sitting, you could see quite a large number of patrons fidgeting around wanting to dance.  I myself could feel my feet tapping around on their own.  Why?  It’s the sound they produce.  Here’s what I heard – Moravian folk music, elements of progressive rock, Balkan and Gypsy music, and the accordion work of Aliaksandr Yasinski, whose playing reminded me of Guy Klucevsek or the late Lars Hollmer of Samla Mammas Manna, so those of you who are into the more rollicking side of Rock-In-Opposition will find much to marvel at with his playing.

It was an astounding evening, as I was able to enjoy a magnificent concert, have drinks with Tomáš, make the acquaintance of Mikey and Miro, two good lads who ended up becoming fast friends, and seeing the beautiful local girls in a club that will become the place I will frequent most.

To buy this CD, I recommend purchasing it through Bontonland.  For more information on Razam, check out their home page and Instagram account.

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