Ombra – Posidonian Poetry

This has to be one of the more elegant releases I’ve had the pleasure of spending my evenings with in a few weeks.  Ombra are a quintent, as I understand it, based in Barcelona, Spain.  This sumptuous release blends everything from jazz, a touch of waltz, Arabic and Balkan music with vocals sung in a myriad of languages including Ladino, spoken today in Israel and parts of the Balkans.  This is true ethno-jazz, fusing together music, scales and traditions together seamlessly.  For further information, consider visiting their promotional page at Tejo Milenario.


Andranik Muradyan — Klarinet
Albert Pintor — Arabic Oud
Jorge Quesada — Piano
José Borjas — Doublebass
Rafael Lagunas — Drums & Percussion

Juan Pablo Balcazar — Doublebass
Ernest Martínez — Udú & Riq / Cajon
Martí Serra — Alto Sax
Vigen Hovsepyan — Armenian Voice
Kristina Bijelic — Voice & Violin
Tànit Navarro — Sephardic Voice

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