Nick Sudnick – Opera Of The Eleventh Hour

St. Petersburg, Russia-based composer Nick Sudnick has had a storied career as the main protagonist of the of the art-rock group Zga.  I had the pleasure of working with him for one reissue in another life.

He is still very much involved with music, and has been releasing an incredible series of albums recently.  As I understand it, he’s creating operas based on each hour of the day.  The latest installment is for the Eleventh Hour, and base material for this project include motifs derived from pharmacies, medical encyclopedia, online mental health forums and so on.

This will appeal heavily to those into zeuhl, modern classical music and art rock from labels like Recommended Records.  For information on the rest of this series, and for the whole Zga/Nick Sudnick catalogue, visit this link.

The personnel for this album were:

Vera Ogavera – voice
Galina Kiseleva – voice,bass guitar
Xenia Vasiljeva – bass guitar
Nick Sudnick – voice,sounds,original samples

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