Mong Tong 夢東 – 台灣謎景 Music from Taiwan Mystery

Mong Tong are one of the most profoundly interesting bands operating out of Taiwan these days, and their work would compare favorably to psychedelic giants like Ghost or even quieter aspects of Acid Mothers Temple.

From WV Sorcerer Productions’ Bandcamp site:

Mong Tong is brothers Hom Yu, Jiun Chi (they also play in ​Prairie WWWW​ 落差草原 WWWW & Dope Purple) and 仝. They listened to what they describe as “Dianziqin music 電子琴音樂” along with video game soundtracks, vintage Asian movie samples and psychedelic music. These inspirations combine with Taiwanese folklore and a love of conspiracy theories to form what they describe as “superstitious music”. Mong Tong means many things in Chinese, but the translation they choose to fit their music is “the east-side of dreams”.

A perfectly cosmic experience.

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