Methuzelah (Jeff Gburek & Pete Swinton) – First Album

Today is an auspicious day, as I’m proud to say that this is the 700th consecutive post this blog has produced since January 1, 2021.  The release is one I held onto for such an occasion, as Jeff Gburek, heavily featured on my site for the astounding quality of his work, pairs with Pete Swinton, a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Java, Indonesia.  The music has a hazy, lo-fi psychedelic rock quality to it, and the pieces on this album feel alive.  You get the sense that you’re not only listening to the album, but it’s crawling inside of you.  It’s one of the few albums I’ve heard which made my arm hairs stand on end, and it literally gave me the chills hearing it.  Organic music that makes itself at home in your veins as well as your brains.

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