Jeff Gburek – Works Within the Upright Ruins of the Kaszubian Piano, 2015​/​2021

Our first review on returning to Brno is a burner, naturally.  Our friend, man of the world, and experimental music composer Jeff Gburek comes by these pages again with a droning masterpiece.

This is not the ordinary drone you hear reviewed on these pages, though, truth be told, nothing I review is even remotely ordinary.  The backstory is almost as impressive as these waves of hypnotic (in the best of senses) drones are.

To catch the whole story, read Jeff’s writeup on how this fine album came to be.  When he advised me of the album the word Kaszubian brought back memories of a kind doctor who helped me out about 25 years ago when I was going through some digestive disorders.  I’ve heard plenty of folk music from the region, but to hear of a relic from that area producing something so engaging kept my attention wrapt throughout.

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