Heejin Jang – Me and the Glassbirds

Heejin Jang is a sound designer and composer from Seoul, South Korea who makes noise unlike other composers in the genre.  The sounds are more subdued, sculpted, and in many ways, engaging listening.  It’s not anti-music, but something abrasive, yet pleasing, to listen to.  From her Bandcamp site:

“The Korean producer’s new album features the most intricate and brutal tracks of her career. Here, she presents mosaics of sound that endlessly mutate and rearrange themselves in elegant ways. Jang’s ability to position harsher sections against moments of unnerving calmness provokes the listener into a variety of mental states, including panic, confusion, and nervousness.”

Blogger, label owner, record store buyer and all around charming lad who loves to share music with one and all.

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