noemienours – The Dry Path

It’s hard for me to make out the influences of this album, but I can say with certainty that listening to this rather weird album was a pleasure.  From noemienours’ Bandcamp site:

““The Dry Path”, noemienours’ 5th LP, developed around a Gobi Bear narrative of barren edge conditions as an access point to supra-natural realities, is definitely a turning point in the noemienours discography, notably because of its introduction of harpsichord in the noemienours instrumentarium, but also because of its recourse to a widened approach of its lo-fi musical approach, by creating a new musical form somewhere between Swedish post-black metal influences (Hypothermia, Armagedda,…) and the 17th century dislocation of musical forms through the ”Vanitas” topos as developed by Froberger or Louis Couperin, while retaining its magical Scandinavian forest hue. But of course noemienours’ musical approach to genre has never been anything else than a way of submitting apparently meaningless musical forms to the very meaning of its ursidae qualities.”

Wordy, yes, but the music is sparse and, in its own way, sublime.

All proceeds of digital sales are donated to Gobi Bear Project to support the conservation effort of the about 40 remaining Gobi bears.

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