Fallen – The Floating World

I’ve been a fan of ROHS! Records out of Italy (HT: Ivo Petrov – thanks!) for some time.  They put out consistently good ambient music and organic electronica every month, it seems, and this release from Lorenzo Bracaloni, who goes by the monicker Fallen, is a delight to listen to.  It’s not a normal album for ROHS! – rather, it shifts a lot.  The music starts with what sound like processed field recordings and blend their way into more structured electronic music soundscapes, then drift back into a spacious bit of guitar playing.  There’s a slightly rough edge to the recording – it’s not saccharine or too ‘new age-y’.  Nor is it haunting or depressing.  It’s a rather uplifting album, and it was nice to feel a sense of calmness after finishing the listening session.

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