Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland present​.​.​. Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)

This compilation, released by Acid Jazz Records‘ managing director, Eddie Piller, along with general manager Dean Rudland, is pure joy.  The sounds blend a modern 1990s sound with Swingin’ London of the 1960s.  From the Acid Jazz Bandcamp site:

“Acid Jazz’s Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland have put together this compilation of the sort of sounds that we were playing at the time. They are releases on Acid Jazz and other label’s that surrounded the scene and they were mainly made by people we knew from either around the club scene, behind the counters of our favourite record shops, or from trips to New York or Europe. They range from The Ballistic Brother anthem ‘Blacker’ to the jazz house of A-Zel – a Roger Sanchez mix that still sounds fresh today. We have the Humble Soul’s instrumental version of ‘Beads Things And Flowers’ which at the time was only available as a DJ special on Acetate. There is the presence of A Man Called Adam before they went to Ibiza, and the early Mo’ Wax (before they went Trip Hop) single by Marden Hill ‘Come On’.

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