Divertissement Сhamber Orchestra, Sergey Kuryokhin – Re:SEASONS

Sergey Kuryokhin was as fine a composer as he was an improvisor.  The Divertissement Orchestra, led by violinist Ilya Ioff, reinterprets one of Kuryokhin’s finest compositions from his album The Sparrow Oratorium.  Well-played, indeed.

Alisa Ten: vocals [1, 2, 4]
Vera Chekanova: vocals [2, 3, 4]
Lidia Kovalenko: violin [1], viola [2, 3]
Mikhail Blekher: honky-tonk [1], celeste [2], piano [3, 4], harpsichord [4]
Vladimir Volkov: double bass [4]
Ivan Chernobaev: percussion
Ilya Ioff: violin [1, 3, 4], drums programming [3]

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