David Darling – Prayer For Compassion

Cellist David Darling passed away on January 8, leaving an incredible body of work for ECM Records and other labels.  Any of his ECM albums is a worthy listen, but I choose this one not only for the music, but the hopeful title which stands in stark contrast to the disgusting display of mental illness and evil here in the United States.

God rest the soul of David.


  1. I can rely on you to steer me to what I need to hear, Thank you my friend. God has a new and brilliant musician in David. I love this.

    • He sure does. I’ll have to turn you on to his earlier ECM-released material. It was stunningly good, beautifully recorded, and he made the cello almost sing. He’s an interesting guy. He went and recorded with Taiwanese aborigines, and though I cannot find the album for myself, it’s available through the normally satanic but now-and-then pragmatically useful Youtube.

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