Willebrant & Williamson – Night Daze

I was introduced to a project new to me coming from Australia.  From Karl Willebrant’s Bandcamp site:

“Night Daze blends immersive textures and emotive expanses that invites the listener to conceive a visual experience through soundscapes and drones utilizing bass, trumpet, field recordings, and improvised performance. The album evokes themes of time and place moving in congruent motion.

‘Night Daze’ Full performance interpretation with special guests Peggy Lee (cello) and Dylan van der Schyff (drums) viewable here –

“Each track feels like a seemingly large area in which the sounds of the bass and trumpet echo around luxuriously. I have to say it gives me a vibe of some kind of extra-dimensional jazz club with the sultry trumpet licks ringing through a space that defies common physics.” – On the Fringes of Sound

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