Various Artists – Antonovka Records: Made in Davlekanovo: Russian and Chuvash Songs from Bashkortostan

The brilliant folks at Antonovka Records continue to amaze and delight with their travelogues across Russia, Moldova and the Balkans.  This particular recording covers an area I have ready plenty about, but have not yet passed through.  From the label’s Bandcamp site for this release:

“The album features Russian folk songs in stage arrangements, as well as a couple of Chuvash ones (tracks 5-7). These are performed by musicians from the Davlekanovsky district of Bashkortostan, a republic in the southern Urals within Russian Federation.

Some of the songs (for example, 3) are traditional of local origin, some are Cossack ones (for example, 4 and 8) and original ones (9).

Minigali Shaimuratov was a Soviet major general born in Bashkortostan. The song about him was composed in the Lugansk region, where he fought and died in 1943.”

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