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Tofa Jaxx – A Guy Like Me EP

In normally more partial to listening to old, stripped down 60s soul than I am to hearing modern R&B, but this gem out of Tanzania, by way of the U.K., caught my ear in a most pleasant way.

Our friends at Delicious Tunes do yeoman’s work spending time all over Africa, getting to know and working with musicians of astounding quality and getting them a proper release. Tofa Jaxx is one of these gems.

Tofa’s vocals are sultry, and he can hold is own with any of modern heavyweights populating the top 40 charts, but what is especially interesting is his choice of remixers for this EP. According to his press release, “from September 2017 to February 2018 during his stay in London, Tofa worked with other musicians, producers and artists like the Dance/Electronic Producers & DJs TruFonix, Fred Abbott from Noah and The Whale, Steph Marziano, and Tara Priya.” These artists have, since the mid-2010s, rules dance music and electronic music, so melding Tofa’s voice with danceable (slow groove) electronics and beefy production make this a release worth bumping at a club or enjoying at home with pleasant company and an adult beverage of your choice.

Those familiar with this blog might surmise that this is more an experimental/weird music/ambient blog, but we also like groove in all its forms. Delicious Tunes strikes again with another winner.

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