Tewksbury – Brutes

Douglas Tewksbury is an ambient musician out of, I believe, Canada.  I am quite impressed with the spacious and elegant nature of his music.  From his record label, HushHush’s Bandcamp site:

“‘Brutes‘ serves as a follow-up Tewksbury’s debut album ‘Paths.’ Released by the boutique Dutch label Geertruida Records in June 2021, Paths signaled Tewksbury’s initial intersection of music with his full-time work as a professor and researcher. Currently teaching at Niagara University in Lewiston, New York with a specialization in the media’s role in interpreting and affecting the debate on climate change, Tewksbury’s academic work has taken him on travels to cold-weather climates and ice-covered landscapes in places such as Norway, Sweden, Newfoundland, Alaska, and in Canada. These eye-opening experiences forced him to confront and ultimately commemorate the singular feeling of both unbearable beauty and unbearable loss in the slowly dissolving erasure of these ice-covered lands. In discussing the meaning and motivation behind ‘Paths,’ Doug says, “I wanted to try to make moments of stillness and transcendence in the face of looming disaster. It’s not easy to look at where we are with climate change and environmental destruction and be hopeful—and I’m pretty pessimistic about our odds—but I guess I just wanted to make something beautiful for listeners. I don’t really know if art can save us, but it seems especially important right now.”

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