Serge Geyzel – It’s Cancelled

One of my good friends presented this breakbeat treasure to me a couple days ago.  It’s published in Spain, and here are some notes from their Bandcamp site:

“With his latest EP, It’s Cancelled, featuring diffused electronics on the A-Side and menacing drum infestations on the B-Side, Serge Geyzel keeps pounding beats and bass into oblivion. Adepta Editions expertly compiles these recordings onto vinyl and digital media, emphasizing timeless limited editions. While “Take Your Time And Be Mine” deftly walks the line between Plaid-infused melodics and Clark’s shuffling rhythms, “Before the Silence Came” features fuzzy electrical sound fields that eventually collapse, while Serge Geyzel crafts his distinctive characteristic textures. With percussive acrobatics and synth strands floating away, “Come Closer” bookends the A-Side.”

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