Reinier van Houdt – drift nowhere past / the adventure of sleep

Going through Twitter contacts on my account (which will be changed soon, as I want an account that will only concentrate on music and not any other of my pursuits), I came across the name of a label whose work always left me impressed, but whom I had forgotten about, Erstwhile RecordsJon Abbey and Yuko Zama have run this label for years, but it looks like Yuko is branching out and running a new label called elsehwere music.

Perusing the catalog, I found a release by Dutch pianist Reinier van Houdt which left me suitably impressed.  From the release’s Bandcamp site:

“Where ‘drift nowhere past’ is a collection of journal entries and focuses on whatever is entering into the mind on a specific day each month, the new piece ‘the adventure of sleep’ concentrates on situations that recur every day: realizing the passing of time, hearing the sounds of neighbors, the moment of falling asleep, the moment of waking up. Like ‘drift nowhere past’, ‘the adventure of sleep’ spans a six-month period and again the material simply came from what was already there, accessible, happening, remembered, imagined or otherwise.”

I have to say I really like this label.  I’m quite happy to hear more from them!

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