Perila – How much time it is between you and me?

Perila i(Alexandra Zakharenko) s a composer from Berlin of Russian roots releases one of the heaviest and, frankly, bleakest albums of the year.  I spent today trying to unwind a bit as the snow looked pleasant, but after watching Juraj Herz’s The Cremator, hearing this album left me in a somewhat dark place.

The sounds are deep and cavernous.  It is, in fact, my favorite style of ambient music, as it becomes easy to get lost in the sonic abyss the artist is projecting through her lens.  There are two standout tracks on this album; Vaxxine, with gives me the image of some hallucinogenic nurse injecting me with something horrible while singing the eeriest of lullabies.  The final track, Fallin’ Into Space, ends the nightmarishly good album in the way a heavy trip is ended by gently floating down back to earth.  A stellar, if creepy, album.

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