Paniyolo + Akio Watanabe – 家並み – Yanami

From the release’s Bandcamp site:

“A guitarist Paniyolo and a steelpan player Akio Watanabe are releasing a duo album “Yanami (The row of houses)”.

Based on the 11 sketches, they have painted a space kept in tranquil atmosphere with a guitar and a steelpan, each sketch has a glimpse of subject what could be found as you spent more time at home. Focused on the familiar daily life environment that we have overlooked, each piece of music is written with margins and lingering sound.

This album is released for the first time in four years, since their release of previous album “Sora Mo Sukoshi”, and both artist attempted to record from their own private studio. As words reflects the emotional movements, each musical notes from the sound of Paniyolo and Akio Watanabe can be felt from this album. They have created a music that breathes, based on the consistent concept, from the separated spaces.”

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