Linnea Hjertén – Nio Systrar

From Linnea Hjertén’s Bandcamp site:

“Born from the synthesis of Swedish folk melodies and ritual ambient, Linnea Hjertén’s debut album “Nio systrar” (‘Nine sisters’) is a wordless invocation of primordial energy – a psychoacoustic gateway to altered states of consciousness.

Each of the nine tracks brings us deeper into the cycle of spiritual death and rebirth, stripping away the old to make way for the new. With a musical maturity far beyond her years, Hjertén channels the ethereal beauty of Dead Can Dance, the spellbinding chants of Kari Rueslåtten, and the minimalist Nordic atmosphere of Forndom.


With an expansive love for diverse genres – from ambient to folk, from jazz to various forms of metal – her music is less about the style and more about a different quality, sound, or purpose. Trained in music engineering, Linnea relishes the creative journey from inner melody to final production, unearthing the exact tools needed to craft the perfect musical space.”

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