László Hortobágyi – Music from Fomal​-​Hoot al​-​Ganoubī 1994​-​2023 [Re​​​-​​​Mix Mastered Version Series Vol. 3]

László Hortobágyi is perhaps the best known electronic/experimental music composer to ever come out of Hungary.  Our dear brothers at áMARXE Records have released Music from Fomal​-​Hoot al​-​Ganoubī, a 1991 release, as a remastered edition.

From the áMARXE Bandcamp site:

“Fomal-hoot al-Ganoubī is a mythological Arabic constellation.

It is the planet whose warm milky-mist landscapes are home to the ethereal body-incarnations of deceased Muslim saints and dervishes.

When in the XXII century the white man reached the moons of Jupiter and there transformed himself into a floating changeling to populate the stratosphere of Jupiter, in the same way the souls of the dead Muslim saints and dervishes moved a thousand years earlier to the galaxy of Fomal-Hoot al-Ganoubī, where they found the real great umma, i.e. the world of heaven (jannat), leaving at the same time the earthly realm of jahannam, i.e. Hell.”

The notes for this release are extensive, so it is recommended to go directly to the Bandcamp page to get more of a feel of what this album is about. áMARXE continues to release crucial progressive music!

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